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In this section, I wanted to share something special. I know that not everyone will love my books - I know plenty will hate it. However, I want to share reviews for those who love my book here. 

If you have reviewed my book, know how grateful I am for you.

Thank you for letting me share your words here.

hot for the principal.png

“Nothing good ever lasts, but god I want to believe this will be the one thing that does. I have never been the girl to get what she wants, but I want Auston Scott”


wow ok so, first of all, i just want to say that i’ve never read a romance book more relatable than hot for the principal. and for that alone, this book deserves 10000/5 stars.


the characters :


"What he doesn't realize is that I already feel myself becoming addicted to him. He has given me more emotion in the last month than I have felt in my entire life."


victoria mateus - she was sweet, sassy and basically exactly like i imagined her to be. her insecurities hit close to home cause i shared some of them. so reading her going through them and overcoming them and learning to be freaking brave really inspired me. her confidence in fashion is something i DREAM to build.


"Not once did I doubt how fucking beautiful you are. You make me feel like a god damn teenager when I'm around you, who can't control his fucking dick."


auston scott - victoria might have some competition cause i kinda want auston for myself  his confidence, his “swag”, the way he’s so cocky sometimes  *swoons*. i love how comfortable and confident he makes vic feel  he might have been a lil bit of an ass in the beginning but i’ll ignore it cause my guy just couldn’t handle how sexy my girl was 


the plot :


it was simple, sweet and hit all the right emotions. the conversations between victoria and auston were so damn relatable. i could honestly see myself having the same ones with my future boyfriend (manifesting for myself ).


alexandria handled the topic of bullying really well. she showed us the long terms effects which a lot of authors don’t do.


the topic of bullying really hits close to home. i was bullied in high-school. whenever i think about those days, i get so angry at myself for not standing up to them. but you know what? i’m kinda glad i went through that cause it made me the person i am today. it made me love and protective of myself even more. it made me stand up to the karens of the world.


so thank you alexandria for writing this" 

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