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He captures my gaze over my mother’s casket, and his lips curl into a wicked smirk.

After her mother's passing, Eden Pinecroft has no choice but to live under the roof of Maverick, Luke, and Rhys—her stepfather and his sons. In the midst of her grief, she finds herself caught in a web of dark desires and forbidden attraction.

And even as she fights temptation, Eden can’t ignore the allure that threatens to consume her with each encounter. The power and charm that define these men make them an irresistible force, and they won't stop until they've claimed her every desire.

Seduced by their intoxicating charm, Eden is thrust into a dangerous game where boundaries blur and inhibitions crumble. And beneath it all lies a secret that could shatter everything.

WARNING: Wicked Little Thing is a standalone reverse harem romance with taboo and graphic content that some readers may find triggering.



Zara Van Winkle has always been the good girl. Focused on her future yet secretly wrapped up in her online alter ego that allows her to explore her deepest fantasies. But after her mom abandons her and her dad, leaving Zara to pick up the pieces of their broken hearts, she vows to leave town as soon as she graduates.

And when Nico Westminster-Woods moves home with his mom, everything changes. As much as she despises her new step-brother, the tatted bad boy infiltrates her thoughts and fantasies. But Zara’s not the only one with secrets, and being back in his hometown makes Nico’s demons harder to escape.

While Zara and Nico want nothing to do with one another, the desire that pulls them toward each other quickly becomes too strong to ignore.

When the line between siblings and sin becomes blurred, will they be strong enough to fight temptation?



Victoria had always had her life planned out... until that one moment when everything was ripped away leaving her feeling empty, scared, and insecure. Now, the only two pieces holding her together are her best friends. 


Enter Auston Scott. A handsome stranger with green eyes, a bearded jawline, and sexy as hell three-piece suit. This new Principal—and her boss—looks as if he has just walked out of a GQ magazine.


Can Victoria let go of her past so she can fall for the man of her dreams and ignite a passion that she didn't know could exist outside of the novels she teaches her English students?


She knows she shouldn't go there, but what she doesn't realize is that the new Principal holds a dark secret, one that could tear Victoria apart.



When the woman I once loved walks into my bar, the life I’ve built is shattered.


I fled everything I’ve ever known for a small town, forced to run from the motorcycle club I considered family after a deal gone wrong. 


After thirty years of laying low, my past has caught up to me in the gorgeous, green-eyed form of Roxanne Archer.


She was my world back then. One look at her now, wearing that crest I once wore with pride, and it all comes rushing back. Everything we had… and how I ruined it all.


But I’m not running this time. I’ve been given a second chance, and I’ll do whatever it takes to make her mine.

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